Magento SugarCRM 整合| Magento SugarCRM Integration





Magento SugarCRM 整合| Magento SugarCRM Integration

非常智能的整合方式,让一切复杂瞬间简单化,规范化,支持自定义字段级别的对应~~ 我只能说: NICE~


Magento SugarCRM 整合| Magento SugarCRM Integration

非常智能的整合方式,让一切复杂瞬间简单化,规范化,支持自定义字段级别的对应~~ 我只能说: NICE~

Optimize your business processes through Magento and SugarCRM synchronization. Increase your online presence and boost your web store revenue.

+1 high-conversion sales channel
Create unlimited number of feeds
Automatic and manual generation of feeds
Flexible formatting to comply with all shopping engines
Ability to have different prices and other values in each feed

The key to more sales for retailers

If you are the owner of both offline and online shops you’re possibly be in search of solution that helps to combine these two areas of your business for better sales analysis and conversion rate.

To solve this pressing problem once and for all MagentoDIY suggests SugarCRM Bridge. This Magento CRM extension helps the merchants to integrate and synchronize Magento sales data with the CRM records. Being the extremely efficient and time-saving tool, SugarCRM Bridge provides business process optimization and, as a consequence, online sales growth.

Build a bridge between Magento and SugarCRM

Export online buyers and orders to SugarCRM
SugarCRM Bridge provides export of Magento clients to SugarCRM as Leads, Contacts or Accounts, as well as integration of online store orders with Cases or Opportunities. At the last you get the list of online customers and their orders on SugarCRM grid.

Keep the data of your online and offline sales in one place
Due to Magento & CRM integration you can effortlessly collect and keep the information of both online and offline sales just in your CRM. Make your life easy and manage your business even if you're offline.

Easily map Magento and SugarCRM fields
Easily map Magento and SugarCRM fields
This Magento CRM extension ensures mapping any Magento and SugarCRM fields. Plug-in PHP code processor allows handling Magento information and/or associate fields before transferring the data into SugarCRM. For instance, you can associate "Waiting for checkout” field in Magento with “Prospecting” in SugarCRM.

Integrate Magento customers with SugarCRM accounts
Configure Magento SugarCRM integration for user operations
In the extension settings you can specify which user operations need to be processed. You can enable or disable insert, update and delete operations for Accounts, Contacts and Leads.

Re-synchronization in case of connection failures
When there are some troubles with CRM server connection, the data which haven’t been sent to SugarCRM will be saved and transferred to the CRM after connection recovering. Running this Magento CRM module you may be quite sure that you won’t lose the valuable commercial information.

Get useful statistics

Track each item the unregistered user added to cart
With the extension help you can keep a track of all the products which have been added to the shopping cart even when a customer is not logged in. By the time the user registration is succeed the module send this data to SugarCRM. The extension as well gives you a possibility to bind a cart to a client account.

Keep a track of abandoned shopping carts
Magento-SugarCRM Bridge enables you to track Magento store visitors who left their shopping carts and forward the checkout information to SugarCRM. So, you can see on what step the cart was abandoned right through the Opportunities/Cases status in the CRM.


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