Magento 积分系统 + 推荐给分 增强版





Magento 积分系统 + 推荐给分 增强版


This module has Turbo Mode feature! When this feature is active, shopping cart points calculation is processed in a faster way! Uniquely available for J2T Points & Rewards. Visit us for more information. This module allow the customers do gather points within an order, upon registration, while referring a friend or event when posting reviews (only validated reviews). The points can be redeemed for discount on purchase. NO SETUP FEES and NO MONTHLY FEES
Main features
Add points while registeringAdd points on shopping cart grand totalAdd points on according to cart or catalog rulesSend invitation to friends... you get points when they orderAddthis embedding is possible to share referral linkIt is possible to specify specific points amount per productThe processing way when using points are: step value (for example, 250points per 250) or automatic use or free fieldMaximum usage per order may be specifiedYou can decide to use different math method when using points: round, ceil, exact valueShipping fees might be included when using points discountDiscounts can be applied on product including or excluding taxUpon installation of this module, you can create an attribute called 'reward_points', if you wish to set point amount manually for a product  You can specify an amount of point for a product, or let the system do the job.Main admin configuration
Set money to obtain 1 pointSet points to obtain 1 $/€ (or any currency)Set the way to use points by step. (e.g. every 250 points) or notSet step value (250 points) when using point by step (a select field will be shown on shopping cart)Set max amount of points to be used within an order.Set Catalog rules & Cart rules for points calculation (equivalent to default magento rules)Setup notification for expiry points...


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